Your stay at Riyad El Cadi and Covid19

For us at Riyad El Cadi, the safety of our guests and our staff is of utmost importance.

Therefore, after long discussions, we have decided to accept only vaccinated or recovered guests for the safety of our guests and staff. Children up to 12 years of age are excluded. We therefore ask you to present appropriate proof. Since we cannot guarantee that a contagion from vaccinated to unvaccinated people will occur, but a source of infection in our house could endanger the maintenance of our business in the long term, we have decided to take this step.

Flight connections are being served from Royal Air Maroc, EasyJet and Ryanair and others. Entry to Morocco (without quarantine) is limited to tourists from countries listed as category A with valid vaccination or PCR test. For details on what is required for your trip please check on the official site of the Moroccan National Tourism Office. However, it is important to note that Morocco is often, internationally, considered a high-risk area . Therefore, unvaccinated (and not recovered) Morocco travellers mostly are obliged to a quarantine of 5-10 days (e.g. UK, Switzerland, France, Germany).

Currently (September 2021), there is a curfew in Marrakech from 21:00, but it is not strictly enforced.


We are prepared for your visit at Riyad El Cadi:


All our staff are vaccinated.

We apply the strictest hygiene measures: Virucidal disinfectant available in rooms and public spaces. Regular disinfection of public areas, daily disinfection of hotel rooms. Disinfection carpets in the entrance areas.

In our restaurant and breakfast area, we respect the recommended distance of 1.5-2 m between two tables even at normal times of business. All our employees ensure regular disinfection/cleaning and wear masks.

Travel situation in the country

Morocco has received much international praise for its crisis management against the spread of the coronavirus. A strict curfew, the nationwide compulsory wearing of masks, the use of high-tech applications such as drones or the tracking app: many of these measures, which were introduced very quickly – compared to Europe, have meant that the pandemic has spread only slowly. Morocco knows only of relatively few infections. In addition, social hardships were cushioned by the introduction of one-off financial aid. The Moroccan vaccination campagne is highly effective compared to many other countries even in the EU.

Bookings / Cancellations

For new reservations until Christmas we do not apply strict cancellation conditions. In order to guarantee a proper planning, we ask for a binding confirmation 5 days before arrival. Should unexpected travel obstacles arise at short notice from official sources, we will be happy to find a satisfactory solution with you.

Cancellation free of charge is possible:

up to 3 days before arrival for stays until 31.08.2021
up to 6 days before arrival for stays until 19.12.2021
up to 15 days before arrival for later stays
Other arrangements possible for stays during the high season 24.12-03.01 and the 2 Easter weeks.

Should you not be able to travel to or from your home region due to official travel warnings due to the coronavirus, or should you not be able to travel because of a recent outbreak of the coronavirus, or if you are subject to travel restrictions due to a recent outbreak of the coronavirus, we will refund payments already made for cancellable reservations.

Alternatively, we offer you a voucher for a later stay in the amount of the deposit. In return you will receive a discount for this later booking (10% during the normal season, 5% for the high season).

For no refund reservations  (Early Bird) we offer the rebooking to a later date within the next 12 months. Again, we are more interested in finding a solution that is acceptable to everyone than in strictly adhering to deadlines. Please contact us for an agreement.

For all other reasons of travel cancellation, we continue to advise to take out travel cancellation insurance.