Your stay at Riyad El Cadi and Covid19

For us at Riyad El Cadi, the safety of our guests and our staff is of utmost importance.

Traveling to Morocco

Update (02.02.2022)

Travel connections to and from Morocco are suspended up to and including 6 February 2022.

Entry shall be possible from 7 February 2022 under the following conditions:

Valid vaccination certificate: according to current knowledge, a valid certificate requires the receipt of the booster vaccination (“3rd dose”). Basic immunisation will only be recognised if the last vaccination was not more than six months ago.


Presentation of a negative PCR test (not older than 48 hours at boarding).

A rapid test is carried out upon entry. PCR tests are also carried out at random. Travellers may be requested to have another PCR test carried out after 48 hours at their destination. In the event of a positive result, self-quarantine with close monitoring is envisaged, or admission to a local hospital in the event of a severe course of the disease.

For details on what is required for your trip please check on the official site of the Moroccan National Tourism Office.

We are prepared for your visit at Riyad El Cadi:

Cancellations due to Covd:

We recommend taking out special travel insurance that covers covid-related travel cancellations. Furthermore, we recommend booking a rate with a short cancellation period.


All our staff are vaccinated.

We apply the strictest hygiene measures: Virucidal disinfectant available in rooms and public spaces. Regular disinfection of public areas, daily disinfection of hotel rooms. Disinfection carpets in the entrance areas.

In our restaurant and breakfast area, we respect the recommended distance of 1.5-2 m between two tables even at normal times of business. All our employees ensure regular disinfection/cleaning and wear masks.

Travel situation in the country

Morocco has received much international praise for its crisis management against the spread of the coronavirus. A strict curfew, the nationwide compulsory wearing of masks, the use of high-tech applications such as drones or the tracking app: many of these measures, which were introduced very quickly – compared to Europe, have meant that the pandemic has spread only slowly. Morocco knows only of relatively few infections. In addition, social hardships were cushioned by the introduction of one-off financial aid. The Moroccan vaccination campagne is highly effective compared to many other countries even in the EU.