15. February 2018 Riyad El Cadi

Cooking Class – How to prepare your own tajine

Moroccan Cuisine at Riyad El Cadi: Our cooking classes

Did you ever dream of colourful markets full of perfume of unknown spices? Do you wish to prepare your own simple but delicious Tajine at home? The Riyad El Cadi has cooking classes to serve you! Prepare a delicious lunch with the help of our knowledgeable restaurant chef under the open sky. And while you sip your good local wine, a very tasty dish simmers in its earthen Tajine on a traditional charcoal stove until ready to eat.

Price: 50 EUR per person, incl. course, meal, 1/2 bottle of wine
Language: English / French / German
Start: 11:00, end about 14:00

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