Vocal Workshop with MJ Paranzino at Riyad El Cadi

16. April 2014
16. April 2014 Riyad El Cadi

Vocal Workshop with MJ Paranzino at Riyad El Cadi

We had a gorgeous week at Riyad El Cadi with members of the West London Choir, the South London Choir and the Brighton City Singers under the guidance of enormously charismatic MJ Paranzino. We had a week of lively music, lots of happy singing and huge fun!

If you live in London, we can only recommend to have a look at one of MJ choirs, she will make singing one of your most fervent passions – even if you have never thought of it before. Too bad, we are far off in Marrakech. However, we will then see YOU for MJs next workshops in Autumn 2014 and Spring 2015 at Riyad El Cadi. We look forward to your coming again soon, MJ, Ginny, Linda and everybody else!

MJ_Vocal-Workshop_2014-09 MJ_Vocal-Workshop_2014-08