23. August 2021 Riyad El Cadi

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Dinner or Light Lunch?

As you wish à la carte.

You are most welcome to book your table even if not staying with us.

The Moroccan cuisine is labourious and time consuming: the second course consists of a choice of different salads, the grains for the couscous need long kneading and the tajines slow cooking. We therefore kindly ask you to book a table and let us know your wishes in advance.

Or enjoy the full meal.

The full menu usually consists of:

Dinner: 4 courses, 450 DH (approx. 41 EUR):

  • Soupe
  • Choice of Moroccan salads or Briouattes
  • Tajine with chicken, beef or lamb with seasonal vegetables
  • Dessert
  • 450 DH (ca. 41 EUR)

Lunch: 2 courses, 230 DH (approx. 21 EUR)

  • Salad
  • Main dish

Cooking Class

Do you like to do it on your own? Cook a tasty Tajine? Like to know where the locals in Marrakech shop? We show you all in our cooking classes. 50 EUR per person including course, lunch, tea and a glass of wine.

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