Marrakech for Children

29. January 2013
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29. January 2013 Riyad El Cadi

Marrakech for Children

Marrakech’s souks are breathtakingly exciting for children:

They find snakes dancing to the sound of flutes, monkeys riding on shoulders and salesmen offering teeth for sale. Discover the story of a rich pasha who lived with his numerous wives and even more children in a palace full of courtyards and hidden corners.

We have some more ideas for our little guests:

Beautiful horse carriages may bring you to fairy-tale palaces of former über-rich pashas, husband of numerous wives and father to even more children hidden away in a maze of courtyards and corridors. On the spice market Rahba Kedima, Harry Potter would have found ingredients for his secret potions, the souks are full of toy snakes, wooden puzzles and glittery slippers for princess girls.

Active children: Playgrounds and water worlds in Marrakech

Even in Marrakech, we are once in a while in an absolute need of a home-like playground . Then we head off to Jeux Kawkab with colourful slides, merry-go-rounds, seesaws, airplanes and bouncing castles. The music is ear-deafening and sometimes the CD skips but the children simply love the go-around train and jungle parks. (Entrance fee: 20 DH including the entrance and one or two extra features. Everything else 2-5 DH. Simple café for parents on site.)

If you are looking for a sandbox, you will have to go further, outside of Marrakech: if not in the desert, you will find it at the petrol station Al Baraka on the Route de Fes, just behind the supermarket METRO. Marvellous monkey bars, swing-sets, masses of sands – all for our youngsters to spend hours playing while their parents enjoy themselves with Tajine and coffee in the restaurant with view on the playground.

As soon as the temperatures turns hot, you rather go for the sites with swimming pools in Marrakech: we recommend idyllic Beldi Country Club with two smaller pools for children and delicious lunch menus. Children are asked not to scream and shout but they certainly will enjoy the gardens and the pools. For lovers of action in water Oasiria with slides and much more should be the right place to be.

Marrakech with toddlers

In Marrakech supermarkets you can buy just about anything you need for children such as high-facture sunscreen and food for toddlers. However, please keep in mind that ready made food often contains salt and sugar. Disposable nappies are available also in small boutiques in the Medina of Marrakech but not of the same quality as usually could be found in Europe (costs approx. 25 DH for 10). Pasteurised and powdered milk are widely available, in the Medina mainly in pharmacies. At Riyad El Cadi, we offer home made food for toddlers according to your wishes. Please contact our concierges for any information regarding your children’s stay in Marrakech: contact.