Sightseeing while jogging - Sightjogging in Marrakesh

Hotel Riyad el Cadi offers sightjogging tours: sightseeing for runners

Hotel Riyad El Cadi is the first to offer sightseeing tours for runners in the Moroccan king’s city Marrakech: a sightseeing tour combined with some easy jogging.



Price: 50 EUR per hour for up to 5 pax. Every additional person 10 EUR.

  • Sightseeing tour combined with some easy jogging.
  • Accompanied by a personal fitness coach.
  • Explanations on the run.

The 9,3 km tour begins at Hotel Riyad El Cadi. Your host is a personal fitness coach with knowledge of Marrakech and its people. He will lead you from the main mosque of Marrakech, the 12th century Koutoubia, via the legendary Hotel La Mamounia to the calm oasis of the Agdal Gardens. Of it goes via the Badi Palace, through the Medina and the famous Djema El Fna square back to the Hotel Riyad El Cadi.
Shorter or longer tours on request.