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Cooking Classes – prepare your own Tajine

Moroccan Cuisine at Riyad El Cadi: Our cooking classes

Did you ever dream of colourful markets full of perfume of unknown spices? Do you wish to prepare your own simple but delicious Tajine at home? The Riyad El Cadi has cooking classes to serve you!

Prepare a delicious lunch with the help of our knowledgeable restaurant chef under the open sky. And while you sip your good local wine, a very tasty dish simmers in its earthen Tajine on a traditional charcoal stove until ready to eat. Our chef will show you a choice of salads and one or two tajines.

After cooking classes and meals we chill-out as the locals would do: with a glass of mint tea and pastries.

Details cooking classes „Moroccan Cuisine“:

Price: 50 EUR per person
Language: English / French / German
Start: 11:00, end about 14:00

The cooking classes „Moroccan cuisine“ are restricted to a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 persons. Thus booking of the cooking classes is subject to availability.

For those who wish to know where the Moroccans shop, we offer a tour through the Medina after the class: We will take you to the local markets, let you feel, smell and taste the ingredients used for the Moroccan cuisine. Argan oil, citron confit, smen and the spices so typical for the Moroccan cuisine will hold no secrets for you any longer. Before the tour, you would strengthen yourself with a tea ceremony and a small snack. Additional charge: 15 EUR per person, minimum 2 persons.

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The Moroccan cuisine is far from being fast food:

A Tajine needs time to develop its flavours: spices, vegetables and meat simmer for hours on low heat on a charcoal fire. We therefore kindly ask you to keep in mind that the cooking classes take some time, too.

The Moroccan cuisine uses merely local products and is full of wonderful combinations of sweet-and-salty dishes and surprising ingredients such as pickled lemons and rose water. We are happy to discuss with you the dishes to be cooked during the cooking classes. In the following you will find a selection of dishes for your inspiration:

Zaahlouk of aubergines
Sweet salad of carrots
Salad à la Marocaine

Tajine Berbère with fresh vegetables
Tajine Maqfoul with veal, caramelized onions and tomatoes
Poulet au citron

Oranges à la canelle

Looking for a gift for your travelling friends? We offer „Moroccan cuisine cooking classes“ gift certificates: Order certificate.