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The Riyad El Cadi offers a wide range of ideas how to spend your time in Marrakech, how to get to know Moroccan culture (guided tours, cooking class), keep fit (personal coach for your workout) or simply enjoy being pampered…

Book all our services – if staying with us or not: lunches, dinners, guided tours and cooking classes or more.

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For Foodies

Moroccan Cuisine at Riyad El Cadi: Our cooking classes

Did you ever dream of colourful markets full of perfume of unknown spices? Do you wish to prepare your own simple but delicious Tajine at home? The Riyad El Cadi has cooking classes to serve you: With the help of our knowledgeable restaurant chef, you will prepare a delicious lunch consisting of a choice of salads and one or two tajines.

To know where the Moroccans shop, we offer a tour through the Medina after the class: We will take you to the local markets, let you feel, smell and taste the ingredients used for the Moroccan cuisine.

Price: 55 € per person, including culinary tour 70 €.
Minimum 2 persons.

For Your Wellbeing

Give yourself a treat in our hammam and our spa

Morocco has a long tradtions of beauty rituals. Let yourself be pampered with a black soap scrub and a ghassoul clay body mask in our hammam.

Then enjoy an indulgent body massage in one of our treatment rooms before being served mint tea. Or have a manicure followed by a facial using products based on Argan oil. This super oil commonly known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties is found only in Morocco.

The products in the Riyad El Cadi spa all contain natural ingredients ranging from argan oil and rose water to ghassoul clay.

We are happy to make you some recommendations.

An Afternoon at our Pool

with a size of  7 by 4 metres (1.85 m depth) our swimming pool offers enough space not only to dip in to the fresh water to chill down from the heated city of Marrakech but also to swim a couple of strokes. With our counter-current system, you might even swim a bit longer…

We invite you to spend a relaxed afternoon on the loungers at the pool side, have some delicious sandwiches prepared by our chefs, a cool drink and dive once in a while in the refreshing water of our greyish-blue swimming pool.

Henna Tattoo

Our tattoo is not a lifelong relationship. So, why not experience a bit?

Naima decorates your skin with traditional Henna, on a purely vegetable basis. Let her show you some traditional wedding patterns.

Keeping Fit

Workout: Harmony & Balance or Strength and Shape?

Aiming at a beautifully shaped body? You have plenty of time to work on it in Marrakech. Your personal trainer will designe a workout for you. You may ask for the perfect workout  focussing on tonification and strengthening or work on your flexibility, strength and relaxation with yoga, tai chi and pilates.

We will find the perfect trainer for your needs. Please let us know your wishes and ideas. 1 hour workout on our roof terraces overlooking the roof tops of Marrakech and the snow capped Atlas mountains or in one of our patios; costs: 50 EUR for one hour.


The most beautiful way staying fit in Marrakech is to play golf: the weather is constantly fine, the golf courses beautiful and plenty. Check out some of the most superb golf courts in Marrakech, all with marvelous fairways and a spectacular view on the Atlas Mountains.

In Marrakech you can combine culture and golf at its best. We are happy to book your tee time.


Keep up with your running program and discover the secrets of Marrakech while being on the run. Hotel Riyad El Cadi is the first to offer sightseeing tours for sport lovers. Enjoy some sights you might not see during your usual sight seeing tours while keeping up with your jogging program! 50 EUR per tour (for 1-5 persons, every further person 10 EUR).

Our riad team is happy to help our guests organise the vacation. Do you need a transfer from the airport to the riad? Might you favour a dinner in our hotel on the day of your arrival? It is our pleasure to help you plan your stay and book city tours, restaurants, cooking classes or excursions to vicinity of Marrakesh. Should you plan to continue your vacation elsewhere in Morocco, we are also happy to provide you with some ideas for your further trip or your next hotel.