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Location: 7 riads in Marrakech in the heart of the Medina

Riyad El Cadi, 86/87 Derb Moulay Abdelkader, Dabachi

Location: 7 riads in Marrakech, in the centre of the Medina – Riyad El Cadi, 86/87 Derb Moulay Abdelkader, Dabachi

Riyad El Cadi is situated in the heart of the Medina (Old Town), at the end of three cul-de-sacs. Thanks to these three entrances and the very central location in a secure part of the old town, you can reach all destinations in the Medina within a very short time.

Thanks to its very convenient location, the Riyad El Cadi is a mere 10 minutes walk to the central square where Petits Taxis can be found – both night and day – to ferry you to restaurants or to the golf clubs.

Being situated in small Medina alleys, riads in Marrakech usually are not able to provide parking lots or the possibility to leave a car next to the hotel. Our staff is happy to help out finding a secure parking space or garage for your car next to the square nearby.

Our full address is:

Riyad El Cadi SARL
86/87 Derb Moulay Abdelkader
B.P. 101
40000 Marrakech-Médina

Tel.: +212 524 378 655
Tel.: +212 524 378 098

Fax: +212 524 378 478


I.F. 6504004
R.C. 11997
Patente 45745157


No room at Riyad El Cadi: You wish to know about other riads in Marrakech?

Should plan a stay in Marrakech with a larger group than we can accommodate we are happy to recommend other riads in Marrakech, in walking distance and of same standing.

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