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Reservation Restaurant


This menu is for your inspiration only. We are happy to prepare dinner according to your suggestions: Our chef will be delighted to prepare International dishes, pasta, vegetarian meals etc. as well.

As we shop only fresh goods for the same day we kindly ask you to let us know your menu until midday so that we may be well prepared.

Full Menu with 4 courses (soup, salads, tajine, dessert): 400, 00 DH/ Person

Number of guests


Soup - 80 DH

Soup of vegetables;
Harira, traditional fast breaking soup
Shorba Fassia with lamb and vermicelli

Variety of Moroccan salads (served chilled) - 100 DH

i.e.: Casablanca carrots, cooked with Moroccan herbs; salad of roasted eggplants, seasoned with garlic; salad of cooked zucchini, seasoned with parsley; fresh cucumber salad with yoghurt; Moroccan salad of two coloured peppers and tomatoes; sweet pumpkin; salad of two cabbages with apples and nuts

Panaché of crusty briouattes and filled pastry cigars - 100 DH

Filo pastry triangles and rolls filled with vegetables, spiced beef, fish or goat’s cheese

Main Dishes

180 DH

Lamb/beef tagine with caramelized plums
Slow cooked lamb in a honey nutmeg sauce, caramelized plums, roasted almonds and sesame seeds

Chicken Tagine with olives
Saffron butter roasted chicken with preserved lemon and olives

Tagine of fish
Spicy steamed fish

Berber Tagine (also vegetarian)
Hearty dish of vegetables with traditional seasoning; with chicken or beef

Tajine Makhfoul
Lamb or Beef Tajine with caramelized onions and tomatoes

with vegetables and lamb or beef or chicken and slightly sweet sauce

Tanjia Marrakchia
Lamb or beef, slow-cooked in a clay pot called tanjia in the ashes of a hammam oven. To be ordered the day before.


90 DH

Sweet pastry with fruits and honey sauce

Fondant chocolate
with raspberry and verbena sauce

Crème caramel à la marocaine
Orange flavoured crème caramel

Sweet pastry with cream perfumed with orange blossoms

Special wishes or requirements (allergies, gluten-free etc):