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Riyad El Cadi is situated in the heart of the Medina (Old Town), at the end of three cul-de-sacs. Thanks to these three entrances and the very central location in a secure part of the old town, you can reach all destinations in the Medina within a very short time.



The El Cadi Riyad Marrakech was founded by Herwig Bartels, a long life diplomat, connoisseur of the Arab world, passionate collector of Islamic arts and last but not least German Ambassador to Morocco.


The Hosts

The El Cadi Riad Marrakech is not a hotel with indistinguishable rooms, but a guesthouse where all rooms are individually created. We aim to serve our guests without their being aware of it – as if they stayed with friends: Our service is unobtrusive but always attentive.

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Souqs in Marrakech without bikes?

The greatest annoyance in the Medina of Marrakech are the motor bikes: hastily they drive through narrow souk alleys, almost touching the one or other person. Thanks to their skills in navigating around pedestrians, we have up to now not seen heavy injuries. However, it remains a nuisance.

Now the Association de Souk S’Marine and Association de Souk Kennaria have put signs in their parts of the Medina of Marrakech  to remind that motor bikes are not welcomed in the souks.

In Kennaria, not far from our riad, shop keepers take care that drivers get off their bike. It worked!

We wish the souks’ shop keepers the best and hope they will keep up with their efforts for a bike-free souk!

Marrakech connecting to the world: new flights!

Marrakech is getting closer to Europe:

Air Arabia starts flying to Marrakech from Milan Bergamo on 28th of October. Lufthansa offers direct flight connections on Sundays from Berlin Tegel and Düsseldorf starting in September 2012. EasyJet connects Berlin to Marrakech even twice a week: cheep tickets available from Berlin Schönefeld starting 27.10.2012.

At Riyad El Cadi we help to find other flight connections if needed. Alternatively, check on Travel to Marrakech


Riyad El Cadi in German television


For all those who know German: the German chain WDR has produced a wonderful feature on Marrakech with adorable hostess Andrea Grießman guiding through Marrakech with a huge smile opening all hearts of Marrakech.

The feature is laid-back and charming, shows a lot of beautiful pictures and is full of helpful recommendations on what to do and what to see in Marrakech.

We are proud that Riyad El Cadi is being featured as one of three places to be in town:

– Riyad El Cadi Recommendation in Marrakesch to be seen on: WDR – Wunderschön  (03.03.2013)


  • Riyad El Cadi is a ‘biteappy’ listed establishment