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Riyad El Cadi featured in German magazine “flair”

    Riyad El Cadi is being recommended by “flair”-online as one of the most beautiful riads in Marrakech with an exceptional amount of space and privacy: “Marrakech besitzt die schönsten und größten Riad-Stadthäuser des Königreichs. Das Riyad El Cadi ist eines von ihnen … ungewöhnlich viel Raum für Privatsphäre und Ruhe.” flair magazin – fashion&home 11/2012  

Riyad El Cadi in German television

  For all those who know German: the German chain WDR has produced a wonderful feature on Marrakech with adorable hostess Andrea Grießman guiding through Marrakech with a huge smile opening all hearts of Marrakech. The feature is laid-back and charming, shows a lot of beautiful pictures and is full of helpful recommendations on what to do and what to see in Marrakech. We are proud that Riyad El Cadi …Read More