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Riyad El Cadi is situated in the heart of the Medina (Old Town), at the end of three cul-de-sacs. Thanks to these three entrances and the very central location in a secure part of the old town, you can reach all destinations in the Medina within a very short time.



The El Cadi Riyad Marrakech was founded by Herwig Bartels, a long life diplomat, connoisseur of the Arab world, passionate collector of Islamic arts and last but not least German Ambassador to Morocco.


The Hosts

The El Cadi Riad Marrakech is not a hotel with indistinguishable rooms, but a guesthouse where all rooms are individually created. We aim to serve our guests without their being aware of it – as if they stayed with friends: Our service is unobtrusive but always attentive.

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Our special offers

Our Rooms


Marrakech for Children

Marrakech’s souks are breathtakingly exciting for children:

They find snakes dancing to the sound of flutes, monkeys riding on shoulders and salesmen offering teeth for sale. Discover the story of a rich pasha who lived with his numerous wives and even more children in a palace full of courtyards and hidden corners.

We have some more ideas for our little guests:

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Photography in Morocco

Vegetable market Derb Azbezt/Rahba Kedima

No wonder tourists in Marrakech love to photograph the local people :

People in Morocco are of a beautiful kind with faces telling stories of wisdom, hardship and experiences. You’ll find beautiful young girls with colourful dresses and happy smiles and skilful craftsmen concentrating hard on techniques we have forgotten since long. However, there are some rules for photographers in Marrakech: Read more


  • Riyad El Cadi is a ‘biteappy’ listed establishment